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Elsil... To purify your drinking water

Always add Elsil to your water to keep it fresh, wholesome and safe to drink.

Elsil is unique because it is effective against all micro-organisms, yet contains no chlorine, after taste or odour. It is ideal for caravanning, camping, sailing, trekking or wherever mains or bottled drinking water is unavailable.

When you uplift fresh water, add Elsil at 1 part in 10,000 to protect the water from organic growth.

Fresh Water Tank Clean... To periodically clean out your freshwater system

Because it attacks algae and bacteria in your mobile water tank or portable water carrier, it is particularly useful after winter storage. It also removes unwanted calcium build-up and other deposits from storage tanks and pipe work.

Regular use helps keep your water system free from micro-organisms to provide fresh drinking water in your caravan kitchen and bathroom.

Tank clean contains no Chlorine so has none of the associated smell or risk.

Elsil drinking water purifier is available in an easy-measure 100ml bottle.

Fresh Water Tank Clean is available in 1 litre bottles.